About Profound

Profound is a growing digital agency and innovation firm that works with a diverse range of clients in the Caribbean and Europe. With several years of success and a talented international team, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in identifying, planning for, and capitalizing on digital opportunities wherever they may be found.

Meet The Team

    Boudino de Jong

    Lead Technology Solutions & Founder

      Gino Jacobs

      Lead Client Solutions & Founder

      Our Story

      From humble beginnings in student dorms and a garage to being a leading digital business running operations throughout the Caribbean and Europe, read the Profound story below.


      On our News page you get updates on all of the latest developments taking place in our organization. This includes new partnerships, collaborations and projects in our industry.

      Our Culture

      We have a strong organizational culture at Profound. It is built around company mantras that drive our attitudes toward our work and our long-term goals. As a result, we consider culture to be one of the most vital elements of our organization’s long-term success.

      Corporate Citizenship

      Every day, we use our understanding of technology and its impact on people to transform society at scale, in a responsible way. The ideas we have, the innovations we create, and the partnerships we develop…all have a ripple effect that changes the lives of the people in the communities that we serve. Moreover, the way we innovate, collaborate, operate, and deliver value is grounded in our core values and shared business ethics.

      We’re building better societies by focusing on giving attention to the less fortunate members of our society, animal welfare and awareness, environmental sustainability, the youth, and economic growth for the region. New technologies, combined with our partnerships and the passion for helping people, are transforming the way we work, enabling us to change not just one life but the lives of many for the better.