Meet The Team

In the last few years the Profound team has evolved as the digital landscape has rapidly moved forward. Our services extend over the areas of strategic consultation, emerging tech innovation and production, with offices in the Caribbean and Amsterdam. Together we passionately help clients identify, plan for, and capitalize on digital opportunities wherever they are found.

    Boudino de Jong

    Managing Director

      Gino Jacobs

      Managing Director

        Christy Beaujon

        Project Director

          Nico Osorio

          Project Director

            Timothy Martina

            Marketing & Events Manager

              Somesh Nagdev

              Head of Operations Skenicash

                Clifton Wallé

                Chief Customer Officer

                  Katiana Kleist

                  Finance & Human Resource Manager

                    Jennifer van Leeuwen

                    Researcher & Organizational Transformation Specialist

                      Camilla Nunes Cruz

                      Project Manager

                        Stephen Comenencia

                        Project Manager

                          Tim Raemakers

                          Business Solution Specialist

                            Nikki Dijkshoorn

                            Project Manager & SEO specialist

                              Gerson Eleonora

                              Content Writer

                                Dionne Donker

                                Operational Contributor & Facility Manager

                                  Noah Oleana

                                  Lead Developer

                                    Fazir Farah

                                    Graphic Designer

                                      Karl-Heinz Hoyer

                                      Online Marketing Contributor

                                        Jeff Macolonie

                                        Junior Marketer

                                          Kenneth Ansano

                                          Marketing Coordinator

                                            Lorenzo Dos Ramos

                                            Junior Web Developer & IT

                                              Quincy Marchena

                                              Digital Design Contributor

                                                Mahesh Kirpalani

                                                Merchant Relations Specialist

                                                  Kevin Everon

                                                  Graphic Designer

                                                    Carl van Goens

                                                    Web Developer

                                                      Nathaniel Ramos

                                                      Skenicash Operational Technician

                                                        Sharittée Peny

                                                        Skenicash Customer Service Agent

                                                          Karan Patel

                                                          App Development Lead

                                                            Jayshree Patel

                                                            Graphic Designer

                                                              Shahid Ansari

                                                              Junior Frontend Web Developer

                                                                Pankaj Darji

                                                                PHP/WordPress Developer

                                                                  Nimesh Patel

                                                                  Full Stack Developer

                                                                    Palak Shah

                                                                    Senior SEO Executive