Communication Strategy Services

Communication strategy services are the overarching strategy for developing a brand narrative, key messages, and communication guidelines and putting them into action for your internal messaging and external communication to target audiences. This can be long-term but may also include short-term planning with activations that occur at specific times.

What this can do for you

The communication strategy services of Profound kick off with a discovery phase, where we learn about you, your business and communication objectives, your brand, your values, and how you communicate with your target audiences.

This has many advantages. Among them is that we tie our communication strategy to your business objectives. And we recommend measurement tools to track how these goals are being met. So, if you want to increase your market share by a certain amount, a communication strategy is an important aspect of achieving that.

The communication strategy also provides a roadmap for the type of resources you need and how those resources should be used to help you successfully execute your communication objectives. For example, we can use the data on your target demographics to determine how and where you should communicate with them.

The two components of communication strategy

Communication strategy consists of two sets of activities; those that give a direct ROI and those that give more long-term returns. An example of a direct ROI activity is when our team employs digital marketing to facilitate communications and, through the use of analytics, provides you with an exact overview of what is engaging and converting your potential customers. Thus, you know the amount you need to spend to get the corresponding results.

Then there are the communication strategy activities such as branding visibility and strong and consistent communication that are critical to achieving long-term ROI such as customer engagement and loyalty. These activities comprise setting parameters for your communication to be consistent. This is of essential importance because it takes a while for your audience to remember what you said and take action. Consistency is required to achieve these things — the audience needs to remember your brand, what your brand stands for, what you say, etcetera.

We help you identify opportunities

Our communication strategy services also help you identify opportunities to build brand awareness and engagement with your target audience. The process of developing a strategy and understanding more about your brand and your core values provides opportunities to identify purpose-driven values that can help differentiate you from your competitors. This enables you to identify opportunities for conferences, speaking engagements, or awards that your organization can participate in.

Another advantage of having a communication strategy outline is that it can be tied to visual designs. Because, ultimately, visual communication stems from brand strategy, and brand strategy plays a significant part in understanding the company’s core values and narrative. Thus, having a team that not only knows how to tie communication to business objectives but also speaks design language means that the communication strategy becomes more solid and a more holistic element of your organization’s plan.