Social Media Advertising

Our online marketing team specializes in Social Media Marketing using platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to get the best results for your budget.

What is social media marketing?

How does social media marketing (SMM) work?

Nowadays almost all types of businesses have either implemented a social media marketing strategy or, at the least, they’ve noticed its importance for a well rounded digital strategy. As a digital agency we use social media marketing (SMM) to market companies’ products or services and engage with their audience in the digital space. The engagement with returning and new visitors is the most important factor to a successful social media marketing strategy. Therefore a good social media marketing strategy also requires a well thought out content marketing and branding strategy.

There is a wide variety of social media platforms and networks out there. Most commonly used for social media marketing (SMM); Facebook & instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. These social media platforms are so popular and widely used by online marketers and digital strategists across the globe due to the wide variety of analytics and reporting tools, the advertising and customer engagement possibilities and most importantly (when the strategy is implemented correctly) a rewarding return on investment (ROI).

Paid social media advertising

SMM can be used organically but the advertising functionality is what really gets the online marketers blood flowing. For some businesses that are new to reserving a chunk of their marketing budget for social media advertising, it can be a bit scary.

We understand this at Profound Projects and this is why we have taken the time to explain the abc’s of it all. For the sake of your precious time and to keep you excited reading this article we will only dive into the macro of things. If you are interested to learn more feel free to continue reading on our Social media platform page where we dive deeper into each social network’s advantages and disadvantages.

Basic understanding of SMM

First thing to understand is that every social media platform has its own type of audience with their own type of behaviour. LinkedIn, for example, is focused on a more corporate and professional audience which is ideal for a great B2B strategy, whilst Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for B2C campaigns where businesses can have conversations and interactions with the engaged users or reach more potential customers.

Secondly, social media advertising is part of a bigger whole which is; ‘online advertising.’ Online advertising, also known as online marketing, digital advertising and web or internet advertising includes email marketing, affiliate marketing, Display advertising (digital banner/poster ads) Search engine advertising (SEA) and mobile advertising. At Profound we are experienced and deliver services using all of these platforms except for affiliate marketing.

The Profound view on a good Social media marketing (SMM) strategy

The best way we think to successfully use an SMM strategy is to combine organic posting with advertising. There are multiple ways of going about this and we use different strategies per platform to get your business the best results and achieve your set out goals. Before we start, we make sure to carefully study and research the industry you operate in and then look at what the competition is doing to decide the best course of action. When implementing this marketing form we keep the word ‘Social’ in mind because this says it all. It’s THE place where you can really build relationships with your visitors, share engaging content and reach the most people spreading awareness of your service or product.

A good SMM strategy is sustainable when implemented consistently and following an iterative process. Using the data analytics tools we are constantly getting to know your customer better and keep optimising using the targeting tools to get the best ROI for your budget. Thanks to the amount of knowledge we can attain about your customers through the data analytics we can strategically and specifically target them, narrow down the audiences in different phases of the customer journey which also makes it much cheaper than traditional marketing.

Then, at the beginning of each month we present you the results of the previous period with easy to read reports and optimisation actions we will take to keep getting clients to your business. In short we: plan, implement, test, review, optimise and repeat. And as a bonus, SMM is much cheaper than traditional media.

We are happy to go more in depth and provide your business with a tailor made proposal without obligation. Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.