Corporate Citizenship

We’re building better societies by focusing on giving attention to their less fortunate members, animal welfare and awareness, the youth, and economic growth. Every day, we use our understanding of technology and its impact on people to transform society at scale, in a responsible way.

Curaçao Animal Rights Foundation

The Curaçao Animal Rights Foundation (CARF) was founded on May 29th, 2008. This foundation is committed to protecting and safeguarding the welfare of (stray) animals on the island of Curaçao and they receive donations to do so. Their mission is to raise awareness on proper animal care, rescue and care for abandoned stray animals and eventually place them with suitable families through an adoption program.

We at Profound share this foundation’s love of animals and were proud to do our part to help them reach their goals by sponsoring them in the following ways: building their website, assisting them with their branding strategy and helping them finalize their online payment module.

Curaçao Baseball Week

Curaçao Baseball Week is an annual week of baseball events during which Curaçaoan Major League baseball players, along with international coaches, come to Curaçao to give baseball workshops to children between the ages of 4 and 16. This event is the brainchild of Curaçaoan baseball great Hensley Meulens, the current bench coach for the San Francisco Giants and three time World Series champion.

Its primary aim is to underline the critical role sports play in children’s development (and this, of course, includes baseball). Profound applauds Curaçao Baseball Week’s contributions to the progress of the island’s community and for this reason we sponsor them with a streamlined online presence, creating their website, coordinating their social media activities and transmitting the event to an online audience.

The Skenicash Firebirds

The Skenicash Firebirds are a Class A and AA division team in the Curaçaoan youth baseball league. We as Profound started sponsoring them on April 22nd of 2019 through our offshoot agency Skenicash, providing them with capital that helps them purchase uniforms, among other necessities.

This project was born of our desire to give back to the community and getting involved in baseball is the perfect means to do so as this sport plays such a crucial role in shaping so many of the community’s young members. Several local baseball talents have forged impressive careers in the Major Leagues and thus we wanted to do our part in helping the island’s youth build successful careers for themselves in the future and in turn do their part for their community.

PSV Soccer Camp 2019

The PSV soccer camp is a five day training camp in which young Curaçaoan soccer players between the ages of 4 and 16 receive coaching from youth trainers from PSV Eindhoven, an internationally renowned Dutch football club with a five-star certified youth academy.

This camp came into being through a partnership between PSV Eindhoven and Curaçao’s United Soccer School and Leáñez International and it is a great platform for young talent to put their soccer skills on display. We at Profound have a passion for talent development in Curaçao so we decided to be the main sponsor for this project to help the organization provide players, who otherwise cannot afford the admission fee, a free spot in the program.

Curaçao Muaythai Federation

Profound is proud to sponsor the Curaçao Muaythai Federation as they prepare two young aspiring fighters for Muaythai tournaments abroad. We are happy to help them on their journey to become stars in their field.

These fighters participated at the Thai Fight Night tournament in Florencia, Colombia this past July 13th in preparation for their participation in the 5th annual Pan-American WMF Muaythai Championship this coming November 28th – 30th in Montevideo, Uruguay. The director of the Curaçao Muaythai Federation, Renato Haseth, was appointed as a representative of the World Muaythai Federation (WMF) via a personal letter from its headquarters in Thailand. In this capacity, he has played a critical role in facilitating the participation of these fighters in these tournaments.

Totolika Foundation

On November 21st, 2019, the Profound team volunteered at the Totolika foundation. This is a foundation in Curaçao that assists people with mental disabilities. We had a wonderful time doing yard work, laundry, household chores and preparing meals with the people this foundation assists.

After we helped them with their chores we threw them a big party in the afternoon and it was very heartwarming to see the people we worked with all morning enjoy themselves so immensely. We also gained a new level of appreciation for the people who work at the foundation as well and thank them for having us. It was a very rewarding and humbling experience for all involved.