Google Services

As an official Google partner, we are specialized in providing an array of services pertaining to Google products. These services range from products that help companies connect internally to those that help them increase their reach and revenue.

We help you do it all in Google

Profound has been an official Google partner since 2017, establishing us as a member of the support system for Google customers and prospective customers worldwide. As such we are licensed to distribute and resell Google products to businesses across international markets.

Those products include Google services that help companies connect internally such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Hangout. Additionally, they include services which facilitate access and storage such as Google Drive and Google Cloud. All of these services are offered under the name G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Business).

This also includes the services which enable co-creation of projects such as Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites and Jamboard. Additionally, services which allow central management of users (employees) and data are also among those included in the package.

Profound is also specialized in setting up Google Analytics for company websites, and running Google Ads campaigns, effectively giving companies insights into their customer behavior and placing their websites on the first page of Google search results.

This all enables us to deliver an integrated, comprehensive digital marketing solution that reduces operational and system costs and simplifies content production. This consequently aids our clients in efficiently building and monetizing their digital assets, focusing on their target segments, and seamlessly engaging customers across digital channels.

Then we help them monitor their digital marketing performance in real time, quickly process logs and build low cost scalable analytics while also enabling them to easily integrate with other marketing platforms like social media. Our solutions ultimately help our clients understand and respond to the digital revolution and reach their markets faster by building what’s next with Google Cloud tools.