Women entrepreneurs driving change

Today is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a day on which the work of women entrepreneurs is observed and discussed, held on the nineteenth of November of each year. Started by Wendy Diamond, founder of Animal Fair magazine, the inaugural event was held in New York City at the United Nations in 2014, when 144 nations overall recognized the first Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. 

Women entrepreneurs are driving change in various sectors, businesses, and industries, and rightfully deserve to be celebrated. The day is also a reminder that we need to foster talent and help enable women from all across the globe, from different social classes and backgrounds, into the arena of entrepreneurship.

Lessons and experiences

Let us look at lessons and experiences from different leading women who have made their brands household names in the world of retail, digital sharing platforms and cosmetics.

Simone Tata, former non-executive chairwoman of Trent Ltd., a highly successful retail company in India, has stated the following about her experience in business:
“I started at the top in a non-existent industry. I had the great privilege to build the organization the way I wanted to. The important thing is to have a vision, clarity and the ability to mould people. It is also important to delegate enough so that people feel they have something worthwhile to do. Last, but most important, you have to encourage the teamwork ethic,”

Leah Busque, founder and former CEO of TaskRabbit, an online and mobile marketplace that connects clients with “Taskers” to outsource small jobs and tasks like cleaning, deliveries, furniture assembly and more to others in their neighborhood, has the following mindset:

“I wake up every morning and think to myself, ‘How far can I push the company forward in the next 24 hours?’” 

Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, a cosmetics company producing and retailing natural beauty products that shaped ethical consumerism, gives the following advice:
“What I have learned is that people become motivated when you guide them to the source of their own power and when you make heroes out of employees who personify what you want to see in the organization.”

Let us celebrate exceptional women

With these examples of excellence in mind, let us celebrate the women we know who are working hard to follow their ambitions and make a name for themselves in any industry. Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!