Profound recently contributed to the development of the Curaçao History website. We are very proud to have played a role in providing a platform for the storied history of this Caribbean island. Although it may have some dark stains (slavery), the history of Curaçao is a rich tapestry of indigenous influences, religious freedom in a time of religious persecution, heroic involvement from native Curaçaoans in regional struggles for independence, traditions, mass immigration, international achievements in sports and much more.

With all this information preserved in one digital record, future generations of Curaçaoans will gain valuable insight into their identity and how it came to be. This is a supremely important achievement.

The website gives visitors a grand tour of the island’s historical timeline — past events, people, and governments of Curaçao, all organized in chronological order. The digital voyage takes them from the prehistoric era to the arrival of the first European settlers to Curaçao’s modern history, which includes Curaçaoans who have made their mark in international baseball leagues and the emergence of Curaçao as a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Visitors thus get to experience the full breadth of all the major events that have shaped the island’s history, culture, and people. And the experience is very user-friendly as every historical era on the site is placed under a clickable tab which takes users right to the specific time period they are looking for. Visitors also get the option of clicking on buttons that take them to other pages that give them more detailed information on the eras, locations, institutions, and people in question. 

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