A couple of months ago our very own Boudino de Jong gave an interview to Ellemieke van Beek, founder of WannaGrow. WannaGrow is a company that supports organizations in the Dutch Caribbean, Suriname, and the Netherlands in their efforts to create happy workplaces, vivid company cultures, and sharp work mindsets. In the words of Ellemieke van Beek, “In these challenging times, this is especially relevant.”

Boudino gave this interview to WannaGrow as part of their series of stories from entrepreneurs in Curaçao who are managing the COVID-19 crisis. This is in their bid to shed light on how companies can use this difficult period to create a more sustainable business.

To summarize the words of Boudino:
While Profound did and still feels the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, we decided to adopt an offensive rather than a defensive strategy of only cutting costs at the height of the crisis earlier in 2020. This included making investments towards our ultimate vision of further establishing our brand name in the field of digital services in the Caribbean and Latin America during this period.

These investments included grabbing hold of several new digitization opportunities in the public and financial sectors. We also continued to invest in our employees and our departments, merged with another company, Spin, taking on their client portfolio, and launched a joint-venture called Bric in our partnership with another local company, Caag.

While this has been a challenging year, we have also experienced growth in our company mindset and have learned a lot about how to manage our resources. It is an ongoing endeavor but one thing this COVID-19 crisis has definitely taught us is to trust the process. And looking back, the most important thing we take away from this year is how we have banded together in the face of this crisis to pull through it. In the end, that is essentially what continues to keep us standing.

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