What is the Creative Studio?

The Creative Studio is Profound’s main collaborative lab, that brings together all of the creative disciplines working on our (digital) marketing and brand projects. This includes designers, copywriters, strategists, photo and video editors, online marketers, and project managers. In the Creative Studio, everyone can bounce ideas off of each other, which fosters creativity.

It’s where the magic happens

It’s a place of synergy, where we find the common thread and connect the dots. A place where 1 plus 1 is 3. Does that sound cheesy? Have you ever ordered a cheese plate at a restaurant? That’s cheesy! 🙂 This is just logic. The creative process is what happens when you mirror things to your environment, to trigger and realign what happens in your head. Creation is never in your head; that’s called imagination. And while imagination is a wonderful thing, it is nothing without creation, because creation makes imagination real; and that’s magic!

When creation becomes co-creation, you’ve got something that’s not only wonderful or magical but also very powerful. Because you suddenly have not just one brain, but multiple brains, all with different imaginations in their own craft and individual experience, put together in one catalyzing environment.

Can you picture it? We can! And we can make it happen too. 

So, what exactly do we do in there all day?

Well, our Creative Works team generates attention-grabbing ideas that appeal to consumers. The team members from all involved disciplines work together to create eye-catching graphic designs, high-grade video productions, and engaging presentation designs.

We generate 21st-century fascinating stories, engaging online marketing tools, contemporary graphics, strategic concepts, and more; all while making good coffee, having a good laugh together, and bringing cheer to the workplace and beyond.

Dare to go Profound? Let’s go!