Development projects

Pizza Hut is the world’s largest pizza restaurant chain in terms of both its number of locations and the percentage of the market it controls. The Curaçao branch sought to improve its online experience with a new branding. They desired a more mobile-friendly website that could be utilized on a variety of PCs and mobile devices.


We set out to make the website authentic and to increase the digital presence of Pizza Hut Curaçao, and that is exactly what we did. We used Pizza Hut’s visual identity, a unique design, and their current online ordering system to motivate and persuade customers to order online.


Our approach was to build the company a website that centralized all of this information in a visually appealing layout that engaged visitors. Our collaboration with Pizza Hut exhibits both a cutting-edge design and a very straightforward menu on the website, in which visitors get an overview of all that Pizza Hut Curaçao has to offer. 


The result is a website where clients can effectively place orders hassle-free. For the backend of the website, we developed the Content Management System (CMS) in WordPress technology. Among the benefits of this system is that it enables the client to effectively alter, erase, and add new content easily after we have submitted the website to them.