Development projects

In January of 2005, 273 cyclists started a 45-kilometer cycling journey where they were offered a warm reception and a rose and thus, the Ride for the Roses foundation in Curaçao was born. Since 2005, the Ride for the Roses foundation has committed itself to helping over 5000 cancer patients cope with the daily struggles they have to face and is dedicated to raising funds for them. The foundation focuses on the organization of sporting events to raise funds and bring awareness to this noble cause. But because of the pandemic and covid situation in the past few years, the annual events couldn’t happen, so Profound sought to give Ride for the Roses the online presence it needed to keep its mission alive.


The Ride for the Roses foundation values giving new hope to those whose world shattered when they  learned they had cancer. So, our objective here was to bring  this value to life by re-banding their logo, creating marketing campaigns to raise awareness, and implementing a donation method that was easy and user-friendly. Hence, we aimed to build a new website with these features and that would capture the hearts of donors and bring even more attention to this beautiful cause.


We started by working together with the whole board of directors to rebrand the logo, discuss the new marketing approach, and create a new custom design that was modern and inspiring. We created an inspiring design that displays the foundation’s goals and noble cause. The design we created also included an online payment module to make it easier for people to donate to Ride for the Roses. 


The goal was to promote cancer awareness throughout Curaçao and work together to acquire new subscribers and more donors. We collaborated to create a social media presence for Ride for the Roses as well as a new and easy way for donors to make donations online. The new website we designed and developed, showcases all of the wonderful things that are being done to help these 5000 people, as well as the importance of cancer awareness. We gave hope to 5,000 people who were living in uncertainty and who couldn’t give up.