Preserving the past and welcoming the future. The library’s new tagline reminds patrons that the library is full of information. It isn’t just about the latest best-selling novel. It’s about the newest technologies, connecting with the past, and discovering new things every day.


Like many libraries, the National Library of Curaçao was struggling to connect digitally with their changing community. Somewhere along the way, patrons lost sight of what the library had to offer. While the library was busy building up their offerings and technology, patrons thought libraries only offered books.


The library needed a website that was accessible from anywhere at any time. It needed to be a digital branch that users could reserve books through, find information, and discover downloadable content. It wasn’t just about the latest best-selling book. It was about the newest technologies, connecting with past, and offering this to the community.


We constructed a website that is easily accessible across all devices and which offers existing and potential patrons a digital portal to their services. In so doing we helped them modernize their online presence and achieve their aim of being a library for the 21st century.