Dick & Doof is a company in the energy sector based in Curaçao. They were looking for a way into the global market so we set to the task of creating a responsive tablet and mobile website for them that is appealing and easily accessible to an international audience.


While Dick & Doof have had great success making a name for themselves in the energy sector of Curaçao, they knew that their world-class capacity could more than accommodate global demands. Thus we needed to convert their website into an experience that is appealing to international visitors.


Due to the fact that the company is so capable in so many areas, their former website contained a large amount of information riddled with technical jargon. Our approach was therefore to implement a strong UX design, organizing all of their website material into a concise and engaging platform with a language that is intelligible to those outside of the energy field.


The result of our work is a website that is easily navigable. The new design has generated increased traffic and has also made it easier for Dick & Doof to draw in stakeholders who are looking to hire the engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and maintenance services that they have to offer.