Brandweer Curaçao, that is, Curaçao’s Fire Department, was officially established on the island in 1975. They have a storied history of providing assistance to all islands of the Dutch Caribbean.


Curaçao’s Fire Department has been a distinguished institution on the island for over four decades. However, they had little to no online presence and were thus in need of assistance to bring their administrative services, in particular, to the digital age and make them accessible online.


Seeing that this institution has a multi-faceted history and a wide scope of preventative as well as rescue services, they needed a platform to present this information in an incisive and pleasant manner. Our approach was building them a website that centralized all of this information in an appealing design that engaged visitors.


The result is a website that is responsive and easily navigable. It has digitized some of the key services of Curaçao’s Fire Department, among them filling out fire declarations. As this is a government institution, we see this as an important step towards achieving an e-government on the island.