A vibrant and passion driven luxury resort sharing the richness of its Balinese inheritance through a modern and outstanding online navigation.


Our objective was making the website adhere to the resort’s philosophy offering an inimitable, creative, eclectic heritage experience. We applied Baoase’s visual identity by a unique mix & match of design and the use of impressive photos that reflect its traditional yet contemporary touch.


The website showcases both the resort’s beautiful architecture and the magical lifestyle that guests can experience during their stay there. The user navigation is seen through the eyes of a guest, portraying how Baoase truly represents a breathtaking blend of a travel, culinary and cultural destination.


The end product is a website that impresses the audience and displays Baoase’s amenities, while the text informs visitors and potential guests about the resort’s offerings. In order to keep the website’s homepage updated and dynamic, we developed a CMS that can be edited directly by the hotel’s staff.