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Sea Aquarium

Curaçao’s Sea Aquarium Park houses three world-renowned attractions: Curaçao Sea Aquarium, Dolphin Academy and Substation Curaçao. Each of them are unique in the world due to their continuous use of fresh seawater in the aquaria, their work with trained dolphins in the open sea, and the use of their facilities for deep water research by the Smithsonian Institute. However, they lacked a modern presence that brought all these impressive feats to an online audience. We took it upon ourselves to create just that.

General profound_20_09_14_website mockup_Brandweer


Brandweer Curaçao, that is, Curaçao’s Fire Department, was officially established on the island in 1975. Fire rescue operations were previously carried out by Curaçao’s police department but the need eventually arose for a separate entity for this purpose. While they have a storied history of providing assistance to the entire Dutch Caribbean community, Curaçao’s Fire Department still had not established any digital processes for any of its services to citizens. We set to work creating an online presence for this institution that befits the modern era.

Dick & Doof

Dick & Doof is an engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction (EPFC) and maintenance company in the energy sector. They are based in Curaçao and were looking for a way to match the online presence of their international competitors as they have the internal capacity to serve a global market. Thus they were in need of a caliber website that would consolidate their global sales. We set to the task of creating a responsive tablet and mobile website for them that is appealing and easily accessible to an international audience.

Baoase Version 1.5

Baoase Luxury Resort

Baoase is a luxury resort praised for its impeccable service and five-star amenities. It goes well beyond unique accommodation and enticing menus, providing its guests with yoga classes and a fully equipped fitness center. Baoase hired us to re-style its visual identity in view of the launch of their new website. For this we were asked to create an outstanding online navigation that could reflect both the hotel’s Indonesian legacy and its innovative lodging vision. With this website we give Baoase’s future guests a sneak peek at the exceptional stay at the resort.

National Library of Curaçao

We set out to design and develop a new website that is more user-centered than ever before, with a focus on the tools, resources, and information that matter most to the library, its researchers and learners of all kinds. This new website for the national library represents a significant step forward in the institution’s core work of connecting people with the riches held within Curaçao’s libraries, national archives, and museums.

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