Project Manager

Project Manager

About The Job

We at Profound; a young and dynamic digital innovation agency that helps companies become more successful in today’s digital world - are looking for a Project Manager to join our awesome team.

What does a Project Manager do?

A Project Manager at Profound is the leader of a team that works together on a project. As Project Manager, your job is to help manage the entire life of the project, from conception to live online delivery. Each day, you will review the tasks and goals that need to be completed with your team. You will work with the company’s customers in order to deliver the web product that they envision. You will also work with the Project Directors to try and create new and innovative web solutions for upcoming projects or situations.

Within the Project Management team, the Project Director is responsible for the end result of all projects. Therefore you are accountable to the Project Director.

Key Requirements:

  • Extensive experience and knowledge of project management
  • Strong analytical skills are a must
  • Excellent eye for details
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team
  • Proactive attitude
  • Proficiency in Dutch and English in both speech and writing. Additional proficiency in speech and writing in Papiamentu is a plus
  • Good communication skills in order to communicate properly with clients and the team
  • An understanding of technology as it pertains to website design and development along with an understanding of how to use a CMS (preferably WordPress)


  • Initiate the conception stage along with a client in order to better meet the needs of the customer and to translate those expectations to the team.
  • Write the project scope and seek approval from the Project Director.
  • Follow the scope of an online project from the proposal stage to the technical work up, and finally to the delivery of the web product.
  • Design solutions for customer problems related to online commerce, corporate identity or other website presence issues.
  • Lead the design and development process of a website by working with a team of graphic designers, writers and web developers by appropriate task assignments and top quality control processes.
  • Aim to meet all project goals within the project provided and adjust practices to reflect cost saving measures.
  • Track and document the progress of the project.
  • Develop additional skills, certifications and other banks of knowledge in the Internet industry by attending professional conferences, leading seminars with colleagues and keeping all relative qualifications and certificates up to date.
  • Take on new and unproven tasks in order to develop new business ideas and opportunities that help lead the company to future success.
  • Stay on top of all trends and maintain best practices.
  • Accept feedback and implement them.
  • Handle sensitive information (such as credit card details) highly confidential.

Our core values:

  • A core value at Profound that you must be ready to adhere to at all times is the value that client perception is sacred. So you must always have a service-minded attitude and must always be willing to go the extra mile to keep our clients happy.
  • We have a total football mindset at Profound. This means that everyone must be prepared to assist in various activities when needed, regardless of whether these activities fall directly within the scope of their job description.

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