Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

About The Job

We at Profound; a young and dynamic digital innovation agency that helps companies become more successful in today’s digital world - are looking for a ​Customer Success Manager to join our awesome team.
Your main goal at Profound
    Your primary goal as a Customer Success Manager is to develop, maintain, and strengthen long-term relationships with our customers in order to assist them in achieving their goals.

    Are you ready to Make it Happen?
    Here are some of your main responsibilities
    • Learning all the ins and outs of our customers’ aspirations and goals, and determining how Profound can continue to support them effectively
    • Connecting with our customers on a personal level and gaining and keeping their support as Profound ambassadors
    • Examining 'upselling' opportunities to see how Profound can have an even greater impact on our customers' goals
    • Is able to communicate in written and verbal form with technical and non-technical people
    • Create, present, and negotiate proposals with customers based on the needs and desires that have been discussed with them. And, of course, close that deal
    • Connecting with regional businesses that use the SAP ERP system. Say what?... Don't worry, you'll pick it up quickly if you’re willing to dive into this subject

    What you should already bring to the table
    Basic qualifications:
    • Excellent oral and written English and Dutch skills are required to communicate with customers at all levels of the organization
    • Communication and interpersonal skills. To build, maintain, and strengthen long-term relationships with customers and colleagues, you'll need strong communication and interpersonal skills. You are a true team player and connector
    • Proactive attitude. At Profound, we like to use the old adage, "If not you, then who?" "If not now, when?" This means kicking the crutch from under our excuses and leaping into action the minute it is required
    • Entrepreneurial mindset. You don't just see opportunities; you create and seize them! You are a results-oriented individual with strong analytical skills
    • Bringing structure in a very dynamic (sometimes chaotic) environment must be one of your talents
    • Multitasking while keeping an overview of your main activities and goals must be second nature to you
    • And, no less importantly, you must always be ready to have fun

    Very appreciated as a plus
    • Excellent, or at least basic, proficiency in Papiamentu
    • Some noteworthy experience as an Account Manager or in a related field
    • Knowledge of the digital field in which Profound operates
    • Knowledge of, or connections in, the Caribbean and Latin American tech marketing ecosystem
    About Profound
      Work is a big part of life. That is why, at Profound, we believe it should always be fun and interesting. Our Caribbean roots are the source of our upbeat culture in which you will be able to make an international impact. Our values reflect fun, drive, and inclusion, making this an excellent place to showcase your passion and talents. Our mission is to propel humanity forward through profound digital experiences. If you also believe in that mission, you're exactly the person we're looking for!

    Working for Profound feels like:
    • Working with impact and meaning
    • Having flexible working hours and taking care of your mental health
    • The flexibility to work remotely as long as you’re available during regular working hours
    • Lots of room for personal growth and initiative
    • A fun and upbeat company culture: monthly get-togethers, parties, and other fun activities
    • Sound like something for you?
        We’re excited to get to know you! If you see yourself working for Profound, please send us an application that is both surprising and convincing. After that, our Human Experience Manager will get in touch with you.

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