Account Manager All-Rounder

Account Manager All-Rounder

About The Job

We at Profound — a young and dynamic digital innovation agency that helps companies become more successful in today’s digital world — are looking for an Account Manager All-Rounder to join our awesome team.

What does an Account Manager All-Rounder do?

An Account Manager All-Rounder will be collaborating closely with our clients and team members and is tasked with keeping projects on track and running smoothly. This all must be done while ensuring that the engagement on these projects is a positive experience for all involved. This position requires a high level of organizational aptitude and a positive upbeat attitude.

Key Requirements:
  • An understanding of technology as it pertains to website design and development along with an understanding of how to use a CMS (preferably WordPress);
  • A disposition to be an avid learner. You should be excited to engage in an exchange of knowledge on a regular basis by educating and receiving education from others, whether it be team members or clients;
  • A self-motivated and proactive attitude. A person who is always looking to take the initiative will fit right in at Profound;
  • Professional demeanor and excellent adeptness in customer service;
  • Proficiency in Dutch and English in both speech and writing. Additional proficiency in speech and writing in Papiamentu is a plus;
Our core values:
  • A core value at Profound that you must be ready to adhere to at all times is the value that client perception is sacred. So you must always have a service-minded attitude and must always be willing to go the extra mile to keep our clients happy;
  • We have a total football mindset at Profound. This means that everyone must be prepared to assist in various activities when needed, regardless of whether these activities fall directly within the scope of their job description;

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